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 Bicycle Rental Rates

 1 day 15.00 Euro (including Helmet)
 2 - 7 days 12.00 Euro per day (including Helmet)
 8 days or more 11.00 Euro per day (including Helmet)
 Pickup & delivery anywhere on the Island Delivery free over 7 days (Helmet, Lock, mini-pump + Spare tube inc.)
 Deposit Guarantee Passport / ID Card / 50.00 Euro
 Bike paniers for supplies 4.00 Euro per day (5 days or more, discounts apply)
 Child seat 2.00 Euro per day (5 days or more, discounts apply)
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 Booking Info

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Booking is via email. Write an email to info@maltabookers.com telling us:

1. How many bicycles you need
2. Dates (Period) when bicycles are required
3. Delivery address (Unless you want to pick up bicycles from the rental shop)
3. Time of pickup or delivery
4. Special Requests such as Tour Guide, Special Sizes, etc...
5. Your Name and Surname.

Own speed pedals can be attached to the bikes. Please include in your email request.

Usually you need to book your bikes with 10 days in advance. If you need a bike tomorrow, contact us and we will do our very best to get you one!


Payment for bicycle rental is to be made in cash on delivery.


You can pick up your bike anytime you like during the day, the earlier the better for you of course. When hiring a bike for 1 day, return it on the same day before the rental shop closes, otherwise you will be charged for an extra day. Details and address where you will pick up your bike will be attached with your email voucher. Print the email voucher and present it at the bike rental shop as it is your proof of booking.

Bicycle delivery

If you want to start off at a particular point and you don't want to waste any time cycling from the pick up shops, we can deliver the bikes anywhere on the Island. We can also have them delivered to your hotel. This service is provided at an extra charge. We will also pick up the bikes at an agreed time and place.

Bicycle types & sizes

Quality aluminium frame mountain bikes with front wheel suspension, most ideal for the Maltese terrain. If you need bicycles for children or any special sizes, tell us while you are making your booking so we will make sure we have them available on the day of your booking.

Tour Guides

If you need a tour guide to cycle you around, let us know.

Gozo Bicycle Rental

We can usually get you bicycles in Gozo as well. Make sure you inform us in your email that you will be needing the bicycles in Gozo.

Sundays & Public Holidays

You can pick up your bike any day except on Sundays & Public Holidays.


Contact us via email to cancel your booking. Charges may apply on cancellations.

Any problems?

You can email us anytime and we'll make sure we reply within 24 hours.
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