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 Malta Fishing Charters - Trolling and Deep Sea Fishing

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Malta Fishing Charters

Malta is a new fishing destination unknown to sport fishing anglers. The blue Maltese waters offer good fishing all the year round for classic fighting fish like Blue Fin Tuna, Swordfish, Albacore, Dorado and bottom fishing for Jewfish, Grouper, Snapper and so on.

Trolling for Albacore in Filfla
Trolling for Albacore (June) - Filfla, Malta

Is fishing from land any good in Malta?

Yes and no. You need to be quite experienced with the local techniques to catch anything more than 100 grammes. You also need to know the places. You will find a variety of breams and mullets to catch on hand rods. You can also spin for Barracuda, Dorados and a variety of little tunnys. Fishing for bream is usually best in ports such as Valletta, Cirkewwa, Marfa. However you can try your luck anywhere along the shore line. Spinning is a little more delicate and you need to find deep drop offs. Best places are Bahrija (Blata Tal Melh) and Gozo in Marsalforn. Spinning for barracuda is also possible in Cirkewwa, Xemxija, Anchors Bay and various other places in the south of Malta.

And by boat?

The chances of catching fish by boat are much better! With a small 13 foot boat you can venture out 5km and you are in chance to catch anything from a 20kg grouper on deep sea lines, to an 80kg blue fin tuna. I have personally seen blue fin tuna shoals 2km away from the shore. The areas around Filfla are full of life where we locals catch Albacore, BFT, Swordfish, Dorado and more.

When to come?

Best time to come is June to September. Look out for Albacore in June/July and Dorado in August/September. A variety of other pelagic fish is quite plentiful in September/October/November. Deep sea fishing is anytime during the year. Vertical Jigging is also all year round, but spring and autumn seem to be the best times for Amberjack and Dentici. Winter months can be dissapointing due to high winds.

Albacore - Filfla, Malta
Albacore - Caught in Filfla, Malta
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 Booking Information

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The Boat

We can provide you with a high powered boat, skipper and fishing tackle. Prices may vary according to season and availability.
Kindly email us so that we can help you out with your booking.

Deep Sea Fishing

Full day off-shore charter, professional fisherman, snacks and drinks - Weather permitting.
All fishing bait included.
500m electric reels
Typical fish caught are Bazook, Cinturini and similar
Mid April to Mid-October
EUR 450 - Maximum 6 persons

Trolling Fishing Charter

Full day off-shore charter, professional fisherman, snacks and drinks - Weather permitting.
Typical fish caught are Alongi, Pastardelli, Lampuki
Mid-June - Mid-October
4 persons - EUR 450 / 5 persons EUR 500

Dorado - Mellieha, Malta
Dorado (Lampuka) - Caught in Mellieha, Malta
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