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Wheelchairs - Rental in Malta

 Wheelchair Rental - Rates

 Manual Wheelchair 8.00 euro / day
 4-wheeler Electric Scooter 12.50 euro / day
 3-wheeler Electric Scooter 10.50 euro / day
 Power Wheelchair / Electric Wheelchair 14.00 euro / day
 Wheelchair Power Pack 10.50 euro / day
 Pickup & delivery anywhere on the Island 35.00 euro
 Deposit Guarantee Passport / 50.00 euro
 Discounts for rentals of 14 days and over.
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Wheelchair rental

You can pick up your wheelchair anytime you like during the day. When hiring a wheelchair for 1 day, return it on the same day before the rental shop closes, otherwise you will be charged for an extra day. Details and address where you will pick up your wheelchair will be attached with your voucher. Print the voucher and present it at the wheelchair rental shop as it is your proof of purchase.


Booking is done via email. We do not have an online booking page for wheelchairs as it is a new service. To book, write to us at info@maltabookers.com and specify the dates when you need the wheelchair.

Sundays & Public Holidays

You can pick up your wheelchair any day except on Sundays & Public Holidays.


Contact us via email to cancel your booking. Charges apply on cancellations.

Any problems?

You can email us anytime and we'll make sure we reply within 24 hours.
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