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 Weather in Malta and Gozo - Average Temperatures

Weather makes Malta an all year round holiday destination. It is never extremely cold and very rarely goes below 10 degrees. It is not extremely hot except maybe for July and August when it can go up to 40 degrees. It rains just enough to keep the country side green in winter and blooming yellow in spring. You could have a fine week of weather even in Februrary when its usually the coldest month.

The only bugger is the wind. It can be windy any time during the year, and chances are that in a two weeks holiday you're bound to have 3 or 4 windy days. Leave sight seeing and shopping for those days!

The average rainfall for Malta is 550mm per year, with October - December being the wettest period, whilst June - August is the driest period.

The period February to April is in my opinion the best period to hike and cycle in Malta and Gozo as the days are getting longer, the country side is blooming and the the temperatures are cool and comfortable for exercise.

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December, January, February, winter time. Cold, but far from the cold you get in Northern Europe. Average temperatures are between 15 to 18, so you could be lucky and have a whole week of sunshine. Its a good time for a short break, not too busy and cheaper!

Average temperature during the day: 16 degrees

March, spring at last! The cold months are over and we start hoping for some real sunshine now. March is normally an even mix of sunny and cloudy days. It can be a very relaxing break after the tough winter you had in Northern Europe. At least you won't need a jacket to go out, especially towards the end of the month.

Average temperature during the day: 20 degrees

April, the greenest month! Flowers are blooming and the fields are covered in yellow. The best time for some country side walks and cycling. The temperatures are nice, and if you're lucky you can get a tan already.

Average temperature during the day: 20 degrees

May, the sea is still a little cold but your chances of brilliant sunny days are high. The country side can still be green, especially towards the beginning, so you can have a good mix of coast and country.

Average temperature during the day: 24 degrees

June, in my opinion the best month to come to Malta. The beaches are not busy since the children are still at school, but it's definitely warm enough to swim. You have a 95% chance of good weather in June.

Average temperature during the day: 28 degrees

July, August, summer! Its hot, Malta is at its peak, beaches are full and night life is at its best. If you're coming to Malta to spend your days at the beach, then this is the right time.

Average temperature during the day: 32 degrees

September, still summer but it starts to get a little cooler, especially during the night. It aslo starts to get quieter in September. If too much heat bothers you but you still want to swim everyday, then this might be the month for you!

Average temperature during the day: 28 degrees

October marks the end of summer and children go back to school. You can still swim regularly in October since the sea takes a long time to cool down, but you can get a week of bad weather too so don't come in October expecting summer, you could be dissapointed.

Average temperature during the day: 25 degrees

November. Winter is starting. Only the bold will keep on swimming now, but the country side is starting to get green and chances of warm weather are still good.

Average temperature during the day: 21 degrees

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