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 A detailed guide to Sandy Beaches in Malta, Gozo & Comino


Santa Marija Bay - Comino

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Lovely! Santa Marija Bay is the only real sandy beach on the Island of Comino. Thats why its so special! Comino is the smallest of the Islands with no cars or residents. The beach is different from all the others with trees growing here and there. Definitely worth a visit. Although as a beach its not the best you can get, the scenario is unique and it will capture your heart.

There is a church behind the beach, a Police station and a camping site which isn't used that much. On the left side there are some bungalos from the Comino hotel and a small bar & restaurant where you can buy snacks and drinks. This beach gives you the feeling you're in Mexico or something like that, probably because of the plants that grow around it.
Santa Marija Bay - Comino
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Getting there. Get to Comino first, then walk around and ask! There are no roads, no signs, or anything like that in comino. But Comino is small, so 25 minutes walk from the Blue Lagoon should get you there. You can also get a boat from Malta directly to the Bay.

Buses? Forget it! Bicycles? Never seen one on comino!
Facilities - Bar, Snacks, WC, Camping
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